AXE Capital Management leverages proprietary algorithmic technology and detailed knowledge of the derivatives space to identify opportunities in the Commodities and Foreign Exchange markets.



The increasing influence of algorithmic trading within all market-spheres dictates the need for low-latent execution. A primary understanding of this proved motivation to marry cutting-edge technology with proven strategies. This marriage, along with the dynamic portfolio it has produced, is the basis for AXE Capital.


Years of research, developed metrics and continuous analysis allow for each environment to be categorized. 

AXE produced a complementary suite of strategies used to normalize returns within a range of market environments. Focus is placed upon identifying real-time characteristics which dominate the market. 


Volatility, volume, open-interest and seasonality are used to assess the degree and timing of individual strategies and their use. 

Each market type having a replicating portfolio of strategies best suited to exploit its surroundings. The blending of strategies remains variable and this adaptability is relied upon to best utilize each underlying principle.